“Fritech” d.o.o. this fully is determined by meeting certain goals the quality of its products, and the demands of the market, with continuous improvement and modernization of its own production bases and quality management systems. Daily application of new knowledge with the active participation and motivation of all staff, implemented the necessary conditions for effective collaboration, like the development of the quality culture of all involved in the entire production system.

As a responsible member of society, in the production process, we protect working and living environment achieved through the application of new routine techniques in the field of safety of workers, products and environment. In production we carry out requirements of established technical solutions for our products, which meet the optimal needs of users, in terms of performance, durability, safety and security.

The production process throughthe cycles

Grit blasting



Press Curing

Post Curing (Baking)

Thickness grinding



Mounting accessories



30+ years of experience
2000 m² production space
CERTIFICATE ISO 9001:2008 (9001:2015)