About Us

About Us

FRITECH d.o.o. a private family company founded in 2002.The company was founded by experienced engineers,BorivojePaunović technology engineer and VladislavRadosavljevićmechanicalengineer that work on friction tehnology more than 30 years.Long experience of highly qualified professional staff, ensures the development and winning of new technologies on the basis of non-asbestos and composite materials in combination with modern manufacturing process and appropriate software that controls the three main parameters pressure,temperature and time supplies the market with high quality and very reliable product.


Using new organic materials and fibers, in cooperation with a reputable German own laboratory obtained in frikcioni quality materials this reliable, efficient and smooth braking with a bit of wear in all operating conditions.

As a modern company,FRITECHd.o.o. your success is based on a high level quality of our products, which fully compliant with the requirements of the users and the requirements of current legislation and regulations, as well as on partnerships, both with clients and with suppliers but also with other interested parties.This organization is the product of a continuous process of conquering, training and direct application of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015. Some of the elements are implemented through technical standards ISO/TS 16949.


At the beginning of our activities in 2002 Fritech stretched on 100 m2,than  on a 500 m2, and as production grew, there was an increasing need for more capacity of the company,soFritechd.o.o its production capacity and entire administration until 2017.years to moved to a new location in the industrial area of the city : Partizanska 4, 18400 Prokuplje. where on a 2000 m2 productionFritechtechnology and computer based production the process of production friction products.


In the near future we are planning to design and commissioning of a modern laboratory for the study of all chemical and physico-mechanical characteristics and testing of brake pads on dynamometer machine.


In order to better meet customers  requirements, constantly present modernization production technology and the increase of the production range.

The results enabled,since the founding of the company at the present time, companies Fritechd.o.o. maintains a constant growth and development, as evidenced by measurable data.

Basic Company Info



Street Dragoljuba Radosavljevića 78 ; 18400 Prokuplje, Srbija

Address of the production facility : Street Partizanska 4 ; 18400 Prokuplje, Srbija

Tax identification number: 102235305

Identification number : 17436708

Activity Code : 2059

Bank accounts:

OTP Banka 325-9500700036597-14 ;

Komercijalna Banka 205-23779-46

E-mail:office@fritech.co.rs ;

Website: www.fritech.co.rs


Commercial department:

Nikola Paunović +381 (0) 27/329-717

mob: +381 (0) 60/6358 444

E-mail: office@fritech.co.rs

General menager:

Borivoje Paunović +381 (0) 27/323-101

mob: +381 (0) 63/455 627

E-mail: paun@fritech.co.rs

Technical menager:

Vladislav Radosavljević +381 (0) 27/329-717

mob: +381 (0) 64/25 666 02

E-mail: vanja@fritech.co.rs

Accountant :

Dragoslav Jovanović  +381 (0) 27/333-560

mob: +381 (0) 064/5481 539

Product Range

    •  Brake pads for commercial  and light commercial vehicles


    •  Brake pads for passenger vehicles


    •  Brake pads for dumper trucks and special vehicles


  •  Special friction products for industry


30+ years of experience
2000 m² production space
Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Company Info

FRITECH d.o.o. Prokuplje

street Partizanska 4

18400 Prokuplje

00 381 27 329 717

00 381 60 6358 444

Tax identification number : 102235305
Identification number : 17436708
Activity Code : 2059


Bank accounts:
OTP Banka 325-9500700036597-14
Komercijalna Banka 205-23779-46

Mail office@fritech.co.rs